According to the recent article from, 5 Reasons You Should Ask Your Clients for a Performance Review, by Phil Greenough, “Annual performance reviews can promote continuous improvement and help protect relationships against competitive threats. 

“Performance reviews are a widely-used tool for running successful businesses of any size. Client relationship management can promote continuous improvement and help protect [business] relationships against competitive threats.

Here are five ways that any small business can use annual client satisfaction surveys to strengthen client relationships, promote continuous improvement and build a high-performance culture.

1. Demonstrate commitment to delighting clients.

Asking clients to rate the company’s performance on its most important promises shows a commitment to fulfilling those promises to the clients’ satisfaction. At Greenough, we ask clients to score us on a scale of one to 10 for key metrics that inform our PR and integrated marketing agency’s training, staffing and client service plans. Examples include how well we have delivered against the client’s business goals; our demonstrated passion for, and understanding of, their business; the quality of our strategic advice and the value they have received for their budget.

We’ve learned from experience that asking clients to write comments for each rating is too great an imposition and results in a lower response rate. Instead, there is a single comment field where we ask client to share feedback to provide context for their scores.

We follow up with everyone who responded to discuss how much we value their feedback and the changes we are making as a result.

2. Identify at-risk business.

One of the most important benefits of surveying clients is identifying concerns that are more serious than the account teams might have realized and could put the relationship at risk.”  READ MORE

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