Many companies in 2017 will consider modernizing how they store their data.  Do we still need traditional filing systems in this digital world?  According to the blog Are Filing Cabinets a Thing of the Past? by John Verti “digital storage systems are giving filing cabinets a lot of competition. Large corporations and small businesses alike are making the switch to hard drive or server storage in order to reduce costs and make a smaller environmental footprint, but does this mean the common file cabinet is becoming obsolete?”

“The answer depends upon a number of elements, it can help to look at a few advantages and disadvantages associated with each option and compare these findings with their filing needs.

Filing cabinet system


– Documents are readily available on site
– Paper filing systems are familiar to most people
– Less risk of data theft with file cabinet systems
– Greater file accessibility to all team members


– Paper files are susceptible to physical damage
– It takes longer to locate specific files
– Paper documents cannot be easily edited
– Files can get lost or indexed improperly

Digital filing/storage system


– Enables efficient file sharing and editing options among project members
– Administrators can allow or restrict access to digital files
– Fast and efficient data backups and data redundancy systems
– Less impact on landfills and the environment


– Increased risk for data theft and confidentiality
– Most digital filing systems are more complex than traditional methods
– Changes in digital technology can have a negative impact on electronic filing
– It can be time consuming to convert existing paper files to digital files
– May require extensive training of staff members

Organization is everything when it comes to streamlining your office and workflow. And despite all of the new technology, paper management is still of one of the biggest challenges in every office.  If you are looking for ways to innovate your filing check out our Filing & Storage products page or simply give us a call.  We’re here to help!

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