Bourne, by JSI, is a fresh interpretation of classic Danish aesthetics – timeless design and pure, simple form. The harmonious offering, developed by Qdesign, provides solutions for a cohesive environment with vast options of seating, storage and tables. Perfect for every setting – work to relaxed and intimate to informal.

Chairs take on a seamless silhouette with continuous leg-to-arm surround and subtle stitch detailing. The angular wood frame of the seating has a strong architectural form, while maintaining a light scale. The molded seat offers an inviting embrace. Choose from the guest chair or a wider, inviting lounge chair, the counter stool or bar stool

Bourne’s refined tables go well beyond the basics by hiding away wires with a removable, wood surround on the table legs. The table is completed with a reverse knife-edge and rounded corner detailing. From side table to bar table, outfit your spaces with the variety of shapes, sizes, heights, and materials offering.

With Bourne, storage becomes beautiful. Featuring slightly tapered legs and a mix of open and closed cabinets with integrated hardware in several finish options, it’s more than just putting everyday objects in order. Three heights are available allowing it to be used as an entertainment piece, decorative console or an office statement piece.

JSI is one of our favorite manufacturers and we’ve been proudly offering their fine products for over 35 years.  Manufactured in Indiana all of JSI products are made in America. Their old world craftsmanship assures top quality products at great prices. Products that will last for years and make your office both beautiful and functional.

Andy Stern’s Office Furniture, Inc. has proudly sold JSI products in the DC Metro Area for over 40 years. Give us a call if you would like more information on the Bourne series or any other product we offer.  We’ve been designing Washington’s most affordable offices since 1948We’re here to help.

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