From furniture to Feng Shui…Tips on designing the perfect office! A successful layout/design is functional, expresses a mood and exhibits a sense of harmony. Harmony in an office space??…Absolutely! Harmony refers to planning a space so that all elements ‘work together’. Whenever you select any element – the furniture, fabrics the paint colors…ask yourself: “Is this in harmony with all the aspects of my design?”

  • Every element should be harmonious in mood.
  • Every element should be harmonious in scale.
  • Every element should be harmonious in color.

To begin the process of an office layout, first try to define the mood of the room. In other words., you’ve got to decide whether the furniture should be: traditional or contemporary, formal or informal, warm or cool, bright or subdued and so forth.

How do you decide on the ‘right’ mood for the room? By finding out your tastes and preferences. The goal is to design an office environment in which you will feel comfortable. Start by asking these three simple questions:

  • What are the functions of this office…executive space, collaborative space?
  • What design do you want the office to express…trendy, contemporary, traditional, vibrant or subdued?
  • What is your budget?

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