Andy Sterns Office Furniture Stores In Northern Virginia is proud to be the first choice for tasteful and high quality used clearance office furniture VA residents are proud to show off!  If you’re looking for classy, customized used clearance office furniture, VA based Andy Sterns Office Furniture is your answer.

Family owned and operated since 1948, Andy Sterns Office Furniture in Northern Virginia proudly offers top-notch used office furniture to industries of all sizes. The staff has worked hard to earn and maintain premier customer service.

What exactly sets Andy Sterns Office Furniture Stores apart from those other Northern Virginia used clearance office furniture emporiums?

A Different Kind Of Northern Virginia Used Clearance Office Furniture Dealer

  • Proudly provide customized customer service to all valued clients
  • The staff helps match, customize and tailoring office spaces and furniture
  • Cater to businesses and industries of all sizes
  • One of the only furniture stores in Northern Virginia that has over 63 years of experience to stand behind
  • Sell only the highest quality used clearance office furniture VA employees trust
  • Offer clients a variety of delivery options to ensure their schedule is not disrupted
  • Work hard to stock only the most modern and employee friendly used clearance office furniture and designs

We dare you to compare!  When you’re done wasting precious time and energy searching those other Northern Virginia used office furniture stores in vain, look to Andy Sterns Office Furniture.  The leader in all things related to Northern Virginia used clearance office furniture.

Stop by one of the convenient Andy Sterns Northern Virginia furniture stores today!

Click here for showroom locations.

We should issue a warning though….

Once you purchase from an Andy Stern’s furniture store, you’ll be so excited about your used clearance office furniture that you may actually look forward to going to work!

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