Many of our customers choose to lease their office furniture instead of purchasing it. There are many reasons companies choose to lease rather than purchase their Office Furniture and Equipment. Unlike renting furniture – which means taking furniture from a “pool” of already rented furniture – leasing provides you with brand new furniture exactly as you want it and purchased especially for you. Leasing may also provide tax incentives and benefits and preserve your cash flow.

Andy Stern’s Office Furniture Leasing Options

  • Longer Term 1 – 5 Years
  • You Choose The Exact Furniture You Want
  • Typically Longer Need Times (3 + Years )
  • Preserves Capital
  • 2017 Tax Benefits
  • End of Lease $1.00 Buyout Options


Contact  with any questions or to get started.


Businesses have significant reasons to acquire and install capital equipment before the end of 2017. Because of the value of accelerated deductions vs. recovery over time, you may find it valuable to better understand these tax provisions and determine if they can work to your advantage.

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