Office furniture is finally changing. “As it turns out, computers revolutionized everything but our office furniture,” according to OFM President Blake Zalcberg in a recent blog Office Furniture is Finally Changing-Here’s How online at 
“It’s been three decades since the personal computer was introduced into most American workplaces, yet the average worker remains chained to a desk, tied down by three-prong power cords, phone cords, USB cables, and phone chargers.

That’s about to change. Some companies are exploring getting rid of landline phones. Some workers now exclusively use laptops and tablets that allow more mobility. And battery life is improving on many electronics.

Now, office furniture is finally catching up. One of the biggest trends in the industry right now is making everyday furniture more compatible with technology. That means building electrical panels in the armrests of sofas and lounge chairs and in the middle of tables complete with USB ports and 110-volt outlets so that you can recharge your cell phone or plug in your computer while you sit.

This is the first step toward the true office of the future, a place where workers are unchained from their desks, free to work wherever it makes the most sense. The office of the future, as The Atlantic suggested in “Thinking Outside the Cube”, will look less like the Jetsons and more like Harry Potter, where everyday office furniture like desks and chairs are almost magical: part furniture, part machine.

On deadline? Work from a designated quiet space free from distraction. Brainstorming? Collaborate with coworkers in a plug-and-play conference room. Doing something creative? Get your juices flowing on a comfy sofa with a view while you plug in your laptop and smartphone.  READ MORE

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