• Global verticals come in 15″ letter and 18″ legal sizes. Conversion kits accommodate both letter and legal size documents.
  • Keep your papers in place. Adjustable and removable follower blocks ensure that documents are neatly stored in an upright position.
  • Always go for a smooth ride. Solid steel suspension helps even the heaviest drawers open and close with ease.
  • Global verticals have full-height drawer sides, allowing you to use hanging file folders without hanging bars.
  • Keep your documents secure. The positive cam lock locks securely. A key feature.
  • Mark your territory. Verticals should have a label holder for every drawer.
  • Don’t underestimate your storage needs. Get a file that’s an ample 26 9/16″ deep or 28″ deep.
  • All Global verticals come with a limited 20 year warranty.
  • Our durable finish is environmentally friendly; overspray paint is recyclable.
  • File drawers can be set up in many ways

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