Mobile Marketing. In today’s fast paced world of business more and more eCommerce is being conducted on mobile devices. We are no longer tied to our traditional desk top units making it more and more important that successful businesses have an engaging and easy to use mobile eCommerce site.

In a recent article, 5 Mobile Marketing Methods To Build Your E commerce Brand, by Gabriel Shaoolian of, he notes that “for all brands to make the most of their marketing budget, it’s essential to focus a significant portion of efforts on the mobile audience. This is especially important for companies in the eCommerce sector, where the user experience should be as seamless as possible prior to the purchase”.

He goes on to say that “switching to a ‘mobile first’ mentality has been a major component for many brand strategies. Without a cohesive mobile marketing approach, it’s difficult to engage and connect with many of your users on line”.

“Ultimately, the ability to capture the interest of potential customers on mobile and then turn them into valuable repeat customers is critical to building a successful brand. This can only be made possible through a strategic and cohesive mobile marketing strategy. If you aren’t driving qualified mobile traffic to a mobile ready website allowing you to move users further down the conversion funnel, you’re not going to generate many sales”.

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