According to an article written by Brianna Steinhilber of NBC News, 7 Ways millennials are changing the work place for the better, millennials are having a major impact on our changing workplace in a positive manner. 

Brianna goes on to say that “When it comes to the workplace, millennials get a bad rap. The generation loosely defined as those born after 1982 and before 2004 tend to to be labeled lazy, entitled and glued to their iPhones. But a recent survey conducted by Gallup shows that they’re more aligned with other generations when it comes to contentment in the workplace than you may think.

The poll garnered responses from almost 200,000 people from across organizations in a wide variety of industries to give us a snapshot of the American workplace today. One of the major findings: Out of the more than 100 million full-time employees that make up the American workforce, only one-third of them are engaged at work — which is defined as being ’emotionally and psychologically’ attached to their work and workplace.

So, what gives?

Research shows that millennials are a driving force behind workplace change, so it’s no coincidence that the generation clocks in with the lowest percentage of engaged employees. This may be simply because as millennials get older they are able to navigate their career, finding work that better suits them, which in turn increases their levels of engagement. But the fact that they are the major advocates for change also suggests that they may feel like they’re ‘waiting’ for their employers to catch up with them, thus affecting how much they are able to emotionally commit at work.”

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