A Renovation Project for Jewish Council for the Aging

We recently completed a renovation project for Jewish Council for the Aging. This organization provides the programs and services that support older adults and their families and build bridges across generations. Serving seniors of all faiths and religions, JCA helps older adults in the Greater Washington, DC region maintain independence, dignity, vitality, and self-respect.

JCA has a first floor, all-purpose meeting room where they hold board meetings, seminars, training sessions, and more. Other community organizations also use the room for their meetings. The room needed updating from years of use, so they decided to do a renovation project. Since we’ve been their long-time supplier of office furniture, they asked us to design the layout and select the furniture for the room.

This was an interesting project because not only did the tables have to be “reconfigurable”, but they also had to be powered so that attendees could plug in their devices. This is not an easy task! The client also wanted tables that could be folded down and nested so they could be moved out of the room if they wanted to hold a reception in the space.

To solve the power problem we used OfficeSource’s “Daisy Chainable” Desk Top Power Modules. These power units can be mounted on top or under the desktop, and can be connected and reconnected to the table next to it.  Best of all, the last table in the row can be plugged into an ordinary power outlet – not hardwired into an outlet like other power systems – which allows for great table configuration flexibility.

For the tables we used OfficeSource’s OS Flip Top/Nesting Tables Base Style 2., which can be folded and nested for efficient storage. And finally, for the chairs we used KFI’s 300 Series Stacking Chair. Designed for easy stacking, the 300 series chair with arms offers a variety of options and accessories.

We enjoyed working with this very familiar client on this project!

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