The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) is a nonprofit, non-governmental, public service membership society.  A2LA is the only independent non-profit, internationally recognized accreditation body in the United States that offers a full range of comprehensive laboratory and laboratory-related accreditation services and training.

When A2LA recently moved their 70+ employees to new offices they chose to use us for their office furniture.  Using the Compile line of cubicles by Global we were able to create an efficient office design that met A2LA’s need for employee communication but also kept the price at a reasonable level.  The Compile system offers a clean appearance from top to bottom. Panels are available in monolithic or single segmented, and utilize aluminium raceway covers that are available with or without knockouts. Even better, Compile panels ship with pre-assembled “Quick Connect” hardware which makes it one of the easiest system products to install and reconfigure which keeps installation costs down. Using our CAD software our design team worked closely with A2LA personnel to make sure the overall design worked.

So remember, if you’re getting ready to move your offices give us a call.  We promise we will find the right furniture for your project.  Count on us.

Compile Panels Look Great

Segmented panels with glass sections at the top allow for an open look while maintaining privacy.


A2LA Team

Project Team (L – R) Tim Reachmark, Director of Finance A2LA; Diana Elias, Director of HR A2LA; Ed Dinota, GM Andy Stern’s


Multi-Storage Unit

Each workstation includes a multi-use storage cabinet which contains a coat closet.


Training Room

The training room features Global Bungee Tables for maximum flexibility in reconfiguration.


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