Alteon Health’s New Custom Reception Area and Workstation Installation

We recently had the privilege of completing a sizable project for Alteon Health in Germantown, Maryland. Alteon is one of the largest physician-owned and physician-led acute care medical groups in the United States. Founded in 1971, they have nearly 50 years of experience building customer solutions for many of the country’s most prestigious and well-respected heathcare systems.

One large piece of this project was installing over seventy workstations using Open Plan’s Razor System. This contemporary product line derives its name from its sleek, sharp edges and razor-sharp design, complemented by square connectors and a flush base. The many choices of finishes, fabrics, and accessories allow us to truly customize the work area, and the upscale design and budget-friendly price make it this a great system for the modern office and one of our most popular products.

For the other part of the project, we created a large custom reception station. We worked with Anderson Wood Products, a division of Display Craft Manufacturing, who designed, manufactured, and installed this beautiful custom piece for us. We used two laminates on curved bases, topped this with glass transaction tops, and hardwired all power into the wall.

“I think what’s interesting about this is that most people probably don’t know we have custom capabilities,” says Andy Stern. “But we do – and we can create anything custom that anyone needs for an office. Reception stations, conference tables, bookcases, desks – you name it, we can do it!”

This project allowed Andy Sterns Office Furniture to display the flexibility and attractiveness of an established product line in addition to our own custom capabilities to meet Alteon’s unique requirements. If you are contemplating the initial design, expansion, or renovation of your workplace, give us a call!

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