The world is changing quickly. Technology continues its relentless and rapid integration into all aspects of the commercial world.  Augmented Intelligence or AI is quickly being adapted by many different industries and, in many cases, replacing people which causes job losses.  It’s ultimate impact on future employment opportunities is still unknown.

Shelly Parker, in an article titled AI Won’t Take Your Job, People Will, says that “AI is going to have both an awesome and an unfortunate impact on our prosperity.”

In explaining the impact it could have in the future he examines a graphic arts department – which he calls a “metaphor for every department” – and speculates on AI’s impact on how that department may look and function in the future.

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Fortunately, here at Andy Stern’s Office Furniture, we have not yet been replaced by AI. We’re here to serve you and help with your office furniture needs.  If you’re getting ready to move or expand your offices we can help.  Our state of the art CAD design service can help you design the perfect office. We offer a full range of office furniture products including seating, cubicles, desks, conference room and reception room furniture. We’ve been furnishing Washington area offices since 1948.

And we’re now part of Benjamin Office Supply + Services having merged last year. Benjamin offers a full range of office products including: paper, office supplies, coffee service, breakroom supplies and even Jan/San products.

Give us a call. We’re here to help.

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