Recently Steve & Susan Hull – publishers of Bethesda Magazine – decided they needed to add more workstations to their existing set-up for their growing staff. The magazines’ daily news feed – Bethesda Beat – had recently acquired Bethesda Now and needed space to house the new reporters and staff that came on board. Using Open Plan Systems refurbished modular office furniture we were able to come up with a plan that added two more workstations to their existing layout and design. We are always glad when we can help a business stay in their existing location without have to add extra office space. In today’s economy businesses have to watch every expense and office space can be extremely expensive particularly in downtown Bethesda.

On a personal note my wife and I have been subscribers to Bethesda Magazine from the very beginning. We find the magazine informative and entertaining.  We are both devoted readers of Bethesda Beat which is published every week day. If you want to know what’s going on in Bethesda and Montgomery County Bethesda Beat is a must read.  And best of all it’s FREE!  Just CLICK HERE  I know you will enjoy both publications!

Bethesda 3

Sixty eight editions and still going strong!

Bethesda 2

Open Plan’s refurbished cubicles are repainted, refinished and reupholstered. They look like new at 40% less in price!

Bethesda 1

Two new workstations were also added for their interns.

Bethesda 5

We had our vendor custom cut this worksurface so it cleanly fit into the space. Small details matter.

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