Returning to the Office & Making it Feel Like Home


During the past two years, many people have switched to working from home, either permanently or on a hybrid basis. With workers everywhere returning to the office we wanted to give you some helpful tips to ensure your employees keep that comfortable home office vibe. Whether you are heading back full time or doing a hybrid work approach, here are some great tips on how to bring some of your home office to your office-office.

Natural Lighting

A key office design trend for decades, natural lighting can dramatically improve one’s mood, circulation, and productivity. And we’ve learned that it’s important not only aesthetically, but also medically. Having more natural light coming into the office helps ward off seasonal depression and reduces eye strain, both of which will help with profitability.

Incorporate Plants

Over the last two years, the backstock at plant nurseries has dwindled. With so many people going to the store to buy plants, we’ve started to realize just how important they are to our well-being. We could water/feed them at the same time every day and watch them grow over time, like we’d watch episodic TV shows. Maybe you could have an entire plant wall? Having plants in the office can improve morale and warm up the space, all while being great for air quality.


Having the right seating available at your office can be a game changer. Do you have a sit-stand desk? Great, we’ve got adjustable stools and chairs for you. Perhaps you’d prefer an ergonomic chair with arm rests? Not a problem. Does your reception area need stationary seating that is size-inclusive? We’ve got you covered. Ensure you’ve got the right kind of seating ready for when you return to the office.


While lighting, plants, and seating can all create a sense of home, nothing quite beats having some texture. Instead of stackable hard chairs, you can have couches available for collaborative meetings. Maybe you can hang large pieces of art on the wall that are interactive to the touch. Could your touchdown spaces use some more texture to encourage more teamwork. Look for ways you can incorporate texture into your design aesthetic.

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