The Associated Press and USA Today ran articles several weeks ago about Office Depot’s massive recall of 1.4 MILLION black office chairs.  Apparently Office Depot had received 153 reports of a broken component that caused at least one serious injury.  To read the USA Today story Click Here

1.4 Million is an awful lot of chairs which could harm an awful lot of people.  I want you to know that this is one of the MAJOR differences between a quality, local retailer and a massive big box store.  For years Office Depot and Staples have devalued the products our industry provides by building them cheaply and selling them cheaply creating a perception that you can buy a quality chair at $49. This massive recall is proof that you cannot.

Andy Stern’s has never – in all it’s years in business – had an office chair recalled by the manufacturers we represent. And the reason is simple: we sell quality, commercial grade office furniture that is built to last. All of our manufactures chairs are tested and retested and certified to ISO 9001 & BIFMA standards. And yes….they are more expensive than an office depot chair but I guarantee you won’t hurt yourself sitting at your desk earning a living! Cheap is not always a good thing.

Here’s a great new chair called Spree. Take a look and give us a call!
And look for these logos.  If you don’t seem them you’re not buying a quality chair.

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