Collective Conference. The new Collective Conference Collection by JSI includes both freestanding furniture and wall systems. The modular wall system is JSI Collective 3comprised of whiteboard, tack board and technology credenzas or towers and can be configured to address both high-tech and low-tech presentations.  Paired with meeting tables or lounge groupings and multi-use mobile carts, this flexible offering creates highly effective meeting environments. Meeting tables are offered in round or rectangular shapes and create a comprehensive offering ideal for informal conference rooms and collaborative work spaces.

Form and function are equally integrated in the cable base with its lightweight steel cable. Two versions are available, with or without an enclosed wire management space. Integrating modern design and functionality, the center console can be personalized with hide-away power and data, discreet storage compartments, and striking visual design elements.

Cubist inspired base options accentuate the precise detail and proportion of the conference tables. Contrasting paint and wood finishes, complemented by aluminum trim details, create a uniquely beautiful mix of materials. Functionality is achieved through integrated wire management and an easily accessible panel which opens to the base interior. Interactive communication is facilitated with white boards and tack boards, along with integrated functionality. Accessible power and data outlets are conveniently located. Mobile technology carts house a variety of communication technology devises and stow away seamlessly into storage compartments within the medial and interactive presentation walls.

JSI’s Collective Conference series has an access panel the conceals unsightly cords and power/data modules, while providing easy access to the building wall. Open, niche storage compartments  house technology  units and an open  back allows cords to drop directly into the access base.

At Andy Stern’s we have been selling JSI products for over 40 years and appreciate their quality, style and value. If you are looking for products that meet today’s challenging technology requirements JSI is the line for you.  Real wood beauty with all of the technical know how.  Give us a call and we can help you design the perfect conference room, office or reception area.  If you are moving send us the layout for your new space and using our state of the art CAD design software we can design the perfect office for you.  We’re here to help.
Collective Conference by JSI 6

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