Collective Office by JSI.  Sophisticated form and functionality are equally integrated. User-friendly features include conference and computer oriented desk shapes, activity zones, integrated lighting details, creative work wall compositions, and concealed wire management solutions. Refined aluminum work tools are easily adjustable and stow frequently used items within reach. Asymmetric compositions elegantly integrate functionality into a compact footprint. Overheads and shelves accentuated atop spacers combine with piling niches to create dimensional interest and maximize storage. Classic or contemporary aesthetics are supported by finish and material options as well as two base options, footed or plinth.

Solara guest seating perfectly complements Collective Office settings. A place for everything in your office. Collective Office features pedestals for work tools, work surface towers with divided spaces, towers with front or side access equipment areas, and bookcases that integrate with work walls supporting organization and a fluid work process, these innovative storage solutions make any work day easier.

Collective Office features wire pathways within the workstation components which allow the smooth organization of power and data cables, with flip doors that provide easy access cord drops. The optional access knee space panel conceals unsightly cords, cables and power/communication sources while providing easy access. A hinged upper panel provides access to building power and communication sources located on the wall.

With the hinged panel open, wire routing and connections are also easily made inside the access kneespace panel and end ports allow pass through into adjacent equipment storage units. A innovative continuous 1 1/4″ space along the back edge of all work wall tops lets plugs and cables drop into the access kneespace panel.

Collective Office is current in all the word implies, like a well-hidden superhighway, Collective Office’s wire management solutions are fully integrated into a finely detailed design. Power distribution modules and data connections are artfully concealed, easily accessible, and thoughtfully placed, accommodating a full array of power and data tools The result isn’t just high tech It’s high design tech.

JSI is one of our favorite and most popular manufacturers.  We have represented JSI in the DC area for over 30 years and have always found their quality to be superior and their pricing extremely competitive. All of their products are manufactured in America in Indiana and feature old world craftsmanship not seen in many of today’s imported lines of office furniture.  If you would like to know more about Collective Office or JSI please give us a call. We would love to help you design your new office. Visit one of our showrooms to test-sit chairs.  We’re here to help.

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