Desks can come in a variety of finishes. If you prefer natural lighting to electric indoor lights, imagine how great it would be if you could have transparent furniture! Sunlight could pour into your office window unimpeded by desks and bookshelves. “That might sound crazily futuristic, but it may soon be reality. That’s because Swedish researchers have developed a type of composite wood that is virtually transparent” according to an article on by Patrick J. Kiger, Newly Created Transparent Wood Could Change How We Build.

Swedish researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology have developed a process to remove wood’s lignin, creating a wood that lets 85 percent of light through.  “In a study just published in the American Chemical Society journal Bio Macromolecules, scientists from Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology describe their creation of a “nanoporous cellulosic template.” That’s essentially a fancy term for wood that’s been altered structurally, so that it allows as  much as 85 percent of light to pass through it. That’s actually close to the light-transmittance level of clear glass, which allows between 80 and 99 percent of light through.  The transparency of materials has to do with their molecular state….  How did they pull off that trick?”   READ MORE

For now, we have no clear wood desks in stock… but check back soon!  We do, however, offer a huge selection of Desks and Casegoods in a variety of finish options.  View our Global and OTG catalogs for a full line of quality laminate and wood veneer desks.  Or you could peruse one of our JSI catalog for a full line of high quality wood furniture with custom capabilities or how about Office Source line of Sit-Stand desks?  Stand up for Health!  Give us a call for your discounted prices & product details. We can help you design your new office!

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