As coronavirus restrictions are slowly lifted, many employees will be making their way back into the office environment. While it is true that the number of remote workers will remain higher than it was pre-COVID, the traditional office environment is still necessary for many businesses. Many returning workers will have concerns about their health and safety that stem from anxiety about transmission of the virus. The good news is that you can take important steps to reduce employee stress and assure your workforce that their well-being is a priority. It all starts with careful thought about your specific workspace environment.

For example, undertake a thorough evaluation of the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems in your facility. You will want to make sure the systems are clean and fully functional. Simple improvements, such as opening doors and windows or installing ceiling fans, can be easily accomplished. Or for maximum benefits, considering installing an air purification system. In addition, protective plastic shields and barriers can be retrofitted to existing office furniture. These shields stop the travel of water droplets through the air and are particularly effective for those who work in close proximity with the public. They are available in varying thicknesses, configurations and finishes.

Continue reading about adjustments you can make to put your employees at ease in this recent Forbes article. FULL ARTICLE

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