Echo. The future of education takes shape with the Echo Series of mobile, modular furniture solutions. Designed for student-centered learning, educ-chair-1Echo’s unique, chevron-shaped tables seamlessly transition into all active learning postures—from lectures to group work, private study and discussion. To foster collaboration, every student gets a whiteboard in the complete Echo classroom. Perfect for personal use, interaction and presentations, the individual whiteboards integrate neatly with Echo’s tables, easels and desks and double as a design element. Versatile, and built with Haskell quality and durability, the Echo Series evolves with today’s  ever-changing classroom. More than a well-designed desk, the Echo Series incorporates individual whiteboards into a comprehensive classroom solution.

Essential for fostering collaboration, the whiteboards, markers and accessories double as a design element. With hooks for neat storage and clips and easels to display student work, Echo’s fully integrated system becomes part of the daily curriculum. Intuitive, mobile tables and a fully integrated whiteboard system support the many postures of an active classroom. Seamlessly, simply transitioning from lectures to group work and discussion, the Echo Series sets students up for interaction with its chevron shape and efficient design. Then, quick as a quiz, the individual whiteboards snap in place for quiet study and testing. Saving time and space, the Echo Series fits into even the most dynamic lesson plan.

The Echo Series engages the entire classroom with a complete complement of products. Versatile, well-designed tables and the essential whiteboard system – individual whiteboards, markers, hooks and clips, all integrated – are at the core of the collection. Supporting elements in the Echo Series – student desking, teacher desks, easels and teaming tables – coordinate in a wide range of designer colors, finishes, profiles and options to complete the classroom. CASE STUDIES

At Andy Stern’s Office Furniture, Inc. we have over 65 years of experience providing office furniture to educational institutions of all sizes and graded levels.  Our talented team of designers will work with you to create an environment that promotes student success.  Give us a call. We’re here to help.

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