We recently completed two projects for the Elaine Ellis Center of Health. We’ve worked with the Center before at both of their locations, but these projects were done at their Washington, DC location. The Elaine Ellis Center of Health was founded in 2010 by the relatives of the late Elaine Ellis, who died in 1993. She was the matriarch of her family and a vibrant presence in her community. Her kindness and passion to serve others extended beyond her family and friends to anyone who was in need of food, shelter, advice, and good conversation. Though she is unable to see the fruit which her character produced, her legacy continues and is the driving force behind the Center’s mission to serve others.

First, the Center was looking for a storage solution for their staff’s personal belongings. Although they had a small space that would work well for their purpose, there were no standard products available to fit the space. We turned to IOF Business Furniture Manufacturing for the solution because they have robust custom manufacturing capabilities. They created custom laminate lockers individually equipped with a digital lock for the protection of the employee’s personal possessions. The lockers fit perfectly in the allocated space, and they not only accomplish the goal but also keep the space visually clean and appealing.

They also needed a larger reception station to accommodate a second person who was recently hired to work at the station. Again, space was an issue and they also wanted to upgrade the look of the reception area. IOF also provided the solution for the reception area. They created a beautiful two-finish reception station that provides more space and gives the area a new look. Take a look at the photos of the finished projects – we think you’ll agree that they look great!

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