Ergonomic comfort for your college student. It’s amazing the steps we take to prepare our youth for college. The research for the best college fit and effort into that type of launch is mammoth. The total expense can be somewhat surprising too – tuition, meal plans, books, lap tops, HD TV’s, clothes, bedding and that $39.00 chair you’re purchased from the big box store.  I certainly can understand parent’s financial stress since I put two children through college myself!  Our kids unpack, make up their beds, fill up their closets, set out their toiletries and then finally assemble and sit in the malfunctioning, un-comfortable chair that will need to support them thru copious hours of exhausting homework.  Poor, poor kids! That $39.00 chair is not only un-comfortable which makes them un-productive; you will be lucky that it makes it through the first semester.

Fear not… there is a solution!  Why not gift your budding doctors, engineers, history and art major, and economists a healthy, back-friendly, ergonomic treat!  Just visit our special products page – Check out our flyers full of super deals on brand new office furniture!  Or better yet just visit one of our showrooms and let them select (within reason) their favorite chair.

Too busy and running out of time – shop on line and check  our chair specials that include free shipping! On a Tight Budget?  Andy Stern’s offers for sale a constantly changing assortment of new items that were on orders that were cancelled. These items are in our Warehouse and are on sale for a fraction of their original price. Our showrooms always have floor samples that are on sale as we refresh our showrooms with new models. Check out our floor sample sale items at our Washington, DC and Beltsville showrooms. We also have an ongoing Inventory Blowout Sale as we sell overstocked or discounted items at super low, discounted prices.

For a little more investment you will find a variety of commercial grade seating that will be much more comfortable (which makes them more productive) and last more than one or two semesters. If needed we can UPS most chairs directly to them. You really don’t need to be an engineering student to put together most seating!

Need a desk or other items . Check Out Our In-stock Product Catalog where prices start at 40% off the list price shown.

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