People everywhere love cloud storage as it makes it easier to access files from any location without having to lug around physical files or external storage devices. Cloud storage also allows for syncing with other employees and keeps everything a click away. This has been a crucial factor for productivity this past year.

However, as we have seen in the news, cloud storage can be hacked or deleted if a provider folds, and data can even be held for ransom. Did you know that ransomware affects all types of business, not just large corporations? In 2020, payments rose over 171% with the average ransom payout over $312k.1

Fire Fighter Storage Can be an Alternative or Backup

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There are limits to cloud storage. An alternative (or a backup plan) to try is to store data on external hard drives. These hard drives can then be stored in a fireproof storage cabinet or fire/water resistance files or safes.

Andy Stern’s has partnered with Phoenix Safe to keep your data safe and secure–don’t fall victim to a ransomware attack.



Color: Putty
External Dimensions: 72H x 36W x 20.25D
Internal Dimensions: 67.5H x 31.5W x 14.17D
Weight: 771 lbs.
Fire Protection: 1 1/2 hour

  • Fire Fighter Storage Cabinets are used to protect information stored on paper and limited types of computer media, such as CDs, DVDs, flash drives and memory cards.
  • Fire Fighter Storage Cabinets can do side-by-side filing.
  • These cabinets are usually placed in Homes, offices, schools, records rooms, or at an off-site location.

A pick-resistant, seven-pin, dimple-key lock & bolt-down kit is included for additional security.

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