Will You Assemble My Furniture?

Before we dive in, yes. Andy Stern’s Office Furniture will assemble all of the pieces that you order from us. 

One of the quickest ways to update your workplace environment is by purchasing new office furniture. The basic structure of the space might remain unchanged, yet the overall aesthetic and layout can be transformed in a matter of days. It might be tempting to save a few extra dollars by assembling and installing new furnitureFurniture assembly - Washington D.C. - Andy Sterns Office Furniture yourself or with the help of your staff. But there are some compelling reasons why professional help is a smart choice and can save you time and money at the end of the day.

It All Starts with Inspection

If you are accepting delivery of the products, you will need to spend significant time inspecting each piece carefully to be sure there is no damage and that you have all necessary parts. When Andy Sterns Office Furniture receives furniture in our warehouse, each piece is inspected with the utmost care. If there is damage, we take care of it with the manufacturer for you. When we deliver your assembled furniture for installation, you can have the peace of mind that it’s in great shape. And we take care of responsibly disposing of all the packing materials, too!

You Won’t Need Your Tools

Not only can assembly instructions be complicated and confusing, but they also can require tools that you might not own. In addition to the basics – like pliers and screwdrivers – specialized tools are often needed for proper assembly. You won’t want to invest in tools you may not need again. And using the wrong tool to save money can cause damage both during assembly and during usage of the product. We have a large collection of tools, so you can have the confidence that your furniture is assembled with excellence and will perform beautifully in your environment.

Follow the Plan

Whether your floorplan is a rough sketch or a blueprint, we have deep experience installing furniture according to specified layouts. Even a plan that looks simple and straightforward can be challenging, but with over 70 years of experience, we have the resources to get it right. For example, based on the weight and size of office furniture, our installers know the staging sequence and placement required to make your plan work, minimize movement, and avoid damage. This means minimal disruptions for your business during the transition.

The bottom line is that having your new furniture professionally installed can actually save you money. Not only will you save by not investing in specialized tools, but you will also gain from the efficiencies of our experience and enjoy your completed project in a minimum amount of time. If you’re considering a renovation of your workplace, let Andy Sterns inspect, assemble, deliver, and install your new furniture. Contact us today!

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