Andy Stern’s Office Furniture recently completed a renovation project for The Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber has provided valuable support to business owners throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area. Today, the Chamber is dynamic, nimble and connected to the diverse range of businesses and employees that work, live and play in our region. Their focus continues to be on building an environment that encourages businesses to grow and prosper. The Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce has an all-purpose meeting room where they hold board meetings, seminars, training sessions and more. The room was in need of updates in order to create a safer work environment, so the Chamber decided to update the all–purpose room to meet all needs and functions. Keep reading to find out more about what we did!

Reception Room Dividers

Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce clear acrylic wellness dividers

The reception room needed updating to adhere to safety regulations in the workplace, as this is the main room for meetings and seminars where many people gather. For this project, Andy Stern’s Office Furniture had to retrofit the current reception room with clear acrylic wellness dividers. We procured and installed Carmel Furniture, which have outstanding custom capabilities. Carmel is unique in that they can manufacture these dividers in virtually any size a customer needs. This helped to make this project a success!

Don’t want to buy all new furniture? You don’t have to.

Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce overlooking office

Andy Stern’s Office Furniture’s install crews mounted the protective dividers on the reception station’s solid wood transaction surfaces. This was a great way to utilize furniture already in place. This was done using attractive silver desk mounts which fostered a nice, sleek look. The screens and mounts added not only adhered to the current safety regulations but also aided to the advantage of saving money rather than buying new furniture.

Andy Stern’s Office Furniture made it possible to take an unfortunate situation and use expertise and great products to safely and affordably turn around the reception area into a safe workplace environment.

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