According to an article written by Rebecca Okamoto, Give a perfect elevator pitch in 15, 30 or 60 seconds the perfect elevator pitch has to be concise, clear and contain the “perfect balance of precision and persuasion”.

Rebecca goes on to explain that “I’ve always wanted to be that strategic speaker who could pitch anything in 30 seconds and motivate my audience to action.

But I could never quite figure out how to condense my message to a clear, concise statement. There were always too many important points to communicate.

Even when I managed to choose, I was always afraid that I’d miss something critical, so I’d slide in a few extra points to be safe.

Then one day I was interviewing to be a supply chain instructor. A good friend had recommended me, and introduced me as the perfect fit. So I got on a call and confidently pitched what I thought was my impressive list of qualifications and accomplishments.

When I finished the response was polite, but uninterested:

“Um. Yes. It would have been more helpful if you told me what you can do for me.”


I was a brand new consultant with a strong recommendation, and I couldn’t even pitch myself for a job that I should have been perfect for.

That advice changed everything.

I learned first hand that an elevator pitch is NOT telling someone:

“Here’s what I can do.”

Instead, a great elevator pitch helps my audience picture:

“Here’s how your life will be transformed if you choose me.”

I changed the way I pitched, and it made a huge difference in my confidence and success.

Since then I’ve created templates to help people pitch any concept simply and persuasively, in as few as 15 seconds.

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Pitching is an essential communication tool

Today’s audiences are multitasking and attention deficit. They’ll give you just a few seconds of undivided attention, and if you don’t interest them, they’ll tune out.

An elevator pitch is no longer a nice-to have skill, or something just for startups.

It’s a critical communication tool for a world where no one has time to listen.

If you only have seconds to sell a new-to-the world concept, bust a long standing myth, or inspire people to action, you need to know how to give a perfect elevator pitch.

Here are your essential elevator pitch guidelines”

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