Prior to the arrival of the coronavirus, working from home – or working remotely – was trending upward. Now it has become a necessity for most people. With advances in technology and the programs necessary to accommodate remote work and collaboration, it’s easier than ever for employers to reap benefits in productivity and efficiency. But it might be challenging for employees to make the jump from working at the office to working from home.

A recent article from Entrepreneur provides advice from a seasoned work-at-home veteran and CEO. Interestingly, his first piece of advice is to invest in a standing desk. The benefits of standing desks range from personal comfort to actual gains in improved health. For example, standing burns more calories than sitting, which helps reduce the risk of weight gain. Further, according to a 2011 study, standing desks promote movement, and can reduce upper back and neck pain.

It’s also important to maintain a healthy diet. The best way to encourage healthy choices is by preparing foods in advance so they are easy to grab on the go. This requires planning ahead and taking the time to cook some foods, or assemble others at least the night before. Doing so will save you valuable time during the day and make it easy to choose a healthy meal (and snacks).

Whether you are experienced as a remote worker or you have joined the work-at-home community because of COVID-19 recommendations, you will find expert advice on how to succeed in this short but informative article. Read it HERE

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