According to a recent article by William Sampson, Furniture that assembles itself?, researchers at Carnegie Mellon are working on a project that could potentially create furniture that can assemble itself!

Mr. Sampson goes on to say that “A project at Carnegie Mellon’s Morphing Matter Lab could potentially create furniture that assembles itself.  Professor Lining Yao is taking advantage of what previously has been seen as a defect in desktop fused deposition modeling 3D printers. In some situation with those kinds of printers, natural warpage occurs as the material is heated and cools.  Yao and her team a re turning that problem into a feature in designs that can be printed flat but transform themselves when subject to heat such as hot water or hot air.

‘Though we used a 3D printer with standard hardware, we replaced the machines open source software with their own code that automatically calculates the print speed and patterns necessary to achieve particular folding angles.'”

CLICK HERE to read the complete article.  Meanwhile, if you need office furniture or office products we’re here to help.  And since none of our furniture assembles itself – yet – our installation crews will happily do so for you.

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