JSI’s New Indie Bench Series

Our featured product this month is JSI’s new Indie Bench Series. This is a gorgeous contemporary collection of freestanding lounge seating with a relaxed, residential aesthetic. These products embrace the Resimercial Design philosophy, promoting a sense of calm in both public and intimate spaces that will put people at ease.

With comfort and flexibility in mind, the three- and two-seat lounges offer an optional headrest. The single lounge chair is also available as a rocker. Armrests on these products are standard, and can be accessorized with a magazine pouch, power bar, and a large knob for hanging a purse or pack. Round, square, and oval ottomans coordinate beautifully with the seating, echoing the design and suggesting a space for cozy collaboration.

The Indie low lounge is also available in several sizes, and the armless sides and deep seats that sit directly on the floor combine to produce a unique and memorable space. Benches and poofs in various sizes and shapes provide numerous design options. Similarly, tables come in shapes that are sure to fit perfectly in form and function.

Finally, coordinating freestanding screens can be used to create privacy and separate seating areas, and wall tiles can be fitted with a hanging knob, magazine pouch, sconce, shelf, or laminate marking board. And pillows will provide the finishing touch in keeping with this breezy design style.

With dozens of choices for fabric, wood, laminate, and paint finishes the Indie Bench Series is the perfect choice to blend warmth and familiarity with productivity and durability. Let us help you design a stunning new space with this new series. Call us at 301.614.0500 to see how we can help!

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