We are excited to present PowerFit, a new chair by Eurotech, where ergonomics meets bionics. It combines high performance design with material improvements and revolutionary technical innovation to produce a truly superior seating option. This chair uses first-of-its-kind Bionic Spine technology to respond to individual body styles and postures. The nine-point pressure relief system moves and adjusts to provide unparalleled structural support throughout the entire spinal system: sacrum, lumbar, thoracic, and cervical regions.

How does Eurotech accomplish this futuristic feat? They do it by using cutting-edge technology like LIVEMOTION Lumbar Tracking. This feature provides dynamic tilt control to support the lumbar spine when tilting. Also, the Bluetooth Smart Seat Cushion promotes correct posture through a pressure-sensitive seat cushion with intelligent tension adjustment technology. Finally, PowerFit’s Mobile App Integration offers precision sensor analysis of a user’s habits over time and sends push notifications to promote healthy work habits.

With classic and stylish color choices for frame, mesh, and fabric, PowerFit office chairs can be a great choice for the modern, health-conscious workplace!

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