IOF Business Furniture Manufacturing Makes Customizing Easy

Did you know Andy Stern’s has the ability to custom create any kind of furniture for your space? One way we create the perfect custom furnishing solution for your office workspace is by working with companies like IOF Business Furniture Manufacturing, Inc.

IOF was founded in 2000 and has been committed to doing things differently from the start. IOF’s main goal has and will always be to provide exceptional products with the needs of the end user as its primary focus. They manufacture a flexible, well-designed, quality-driven office solutions that deliver high quality at affordable pricing. They also have cultivated an excellent team of product specialists, customer service representatives, designers, and support teams which help ensure the projects we collaborate on for Andy Stern’s clients go smoothly.

All of IOF’s products are made in North America from locally sourced, top tier materials and hardware. Their “made to order” capabilities allow them to modify any standard product’s height, width, and depth to the quarter inch. Click here to see samples of custom layout possibilities, helping you to imagine creating an office space based solely on your office’s unique size in order to maximize space and efficiency. And click here to get a feel of the breadth of IOF’s products, including desking, custom reception spaces, storage, and more.

If you have plans to renovate, grow, or launch a business in 2021, contact us and let us show you how we can bring the quality, flexibility, and beauty of IOF products into your office environment!

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