It’s True! An Anti-Microbial Chair

Anti-microbial detergents and cleansers take up a lot of shelf space at the grocery store nowadays! And if you’ve been searching online lately, you might have seen advertisements for anti-microbial clothing – especially if you are looking for workout clothes. Anti-microbial products combine to provide continuous anti-bacterial protection – touch after touch.

And now, the B. Goode Anti-Microbial Chair will be available in late July. This stylish chair is upholstered in hospital-grade anti-microbial vinyl, and features armrests coated in pure, anti-microbial copper with a one-handle “kneetilt” adjustment mechanism and a one-handle pneumatic lift. It also meets various standards (AATC TM 147, ASTM G31, and TM 31-12) for bacterial resistance, mildew resistance, and sulfide staining.

This chair is truly an example of the perfect combination of functionality and design. Not only are the copper armrests beautiful – and they will only become more lovely with age, as the patina changes with age and use – they are helpful in reducing exposure to microbial transfer. They are part of a beautiful and practical solution to concerns about public health in the workplace.

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