iXY. Rationalized casegoods and optimized componentry. 

The need for private space at work isn’t going away and the benefits of working together are just as important. iXY accommodates workplace needs with kinetic elements that easily transform a private work setting to a shared environment without compromising workflow. By supporting technology, rationalizing case goods, and optimizing comportment, iXY gives you the freedom to work the way to need to.

iXY is designed for taking full advantage of mobility for today’s versatile work space as well as sit to stand applications. iXY creates a light and airy aesthetic that reflects rationalized design with essential scale. iXY takes the componantry back to an open plan environment with fluid transition and optimal productivity for planned or casual meeting spaces.

With iXY each piece of wood is unique and is characterized with differences in color, grain configuration and texture. These characteristics are not considered defects and are easily detected with natural and light finishes.

Technology is fully integrated into iXY with function specific credenzas that include cable access, ventilation and at-reach power.

iXY takes the collaborative work experience from open plan to private office with workflow and organizational solutions for productivity. Plus, it looks great!

We’re here to help you design your perfect iXY office. We’ve been designing Washington’s most efficient and affordable offices since 1948. Our state of the art CAD software assures that your design will match the way your office works. And did you know……that since we merged with Benjamin Office Supply + Services we now offer a full range of office products including: paper, office supplies, coffee service, beverage and break room supplies and even Jan/San products.  Give us a call we’re here to help.

iXY. Designed to take advantage of full mobility.

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