Learn How to Enlist Failure to Work for Success

Hollywood has a long and lucrative record of successful come-from-behind, the-underdog-prevails genre of movies. For example, we can’t help but be swept up in the emotional exhilaration of a movie like Rudy, which follows an aspiring young football enthusiast from locker room assistant onto the field at Notre Dame. On the big screen his personal failures seem every bit as noble and exciting as his ultimate success.

But in real life, failure can be exquisitely painful and paralyzing. The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that one in five new businesses will fail in the first year, and only one-third of them will make it to the ten-year mark. Seemingly insurmountable challenges combined with emotional bewilderment and burnout can shut down forward momentum.

It has been said that success comes not in spite of failure, but because of it. Read this fascinating article to learn six ways you can learn from failure and keep heading toward success: FULL STORY 

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