To Rent or Lease? That is the Question.Which is right for you?

There are many reasons companies choose to either Lease or Rent their Office Furniture. Here is a summary of the major differences between the two.  We are proud to work with several fine companies to provide these services. To find out more click as indicated or give us a call. We’re always here to help!


  • Longer Term 1 – 5 Years
  • You Choose The Exact Furniture You Want
  • Typically Longer Delivery Times (3 – 6 Weeks)
  • Preserves Capital
  • Tax Benefits
  • End of Lease Buyout Options


  • Shorter Term 1 Day to 1 Year
  • You Choose from a Limited Selection of Rental Pool Furniture
  • Typically Quick Delivery Times (2 Days or More)
  • Preserves Capital
  • Flexibility to Add, Change & Return Your Furniture

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