Lesro. Here at Andy Stern’s we sell products manufactured by many great companies. Lesro is one of our favorites. Recently Lesro announced that solar energy now provides 100% of thelesro-solar-3 electricity used to power their 270,000 square foot production facility and offices. Lesro is dedicated to eco-friendly operations that foster an environmentally sustainable future for our planet. Lesro has instilled green responsibility as a corporate value and they are continually seeking new ways to engineer their operation for energy efficiency.

lesro-solar-2Lesro’s solar energy project includes over 3,200 solar panels which produce roughly 1.2 million kWh per year of electricity. They have taken full advantage of a shining opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and minimize greenhouse gas emissions. The benefits of a solar energy system have never been greater and Lesro sees this installation as yet another step forward in their journey.

We have been selling Lesro products for over 25 years and our customers love them. Lesro is a family-owned manufacturer of reception seating and tables, and built on the principles of trustworthiness and responsiveness to the customers needs. Founded by Adam Leshem in 1973 Lesro is now run by his two sons – Adam and Ed.

Right from the start, Lesro’s bedrock commitment to its customers has always boiled down to: “Well take care of it. Don’t worry about a thing”. Lesro is well positioned as an excellent supplier for office furniture dealers like us and provides product solutions for conference and reception areas. If you are seeking furniture that is well-made, environmentally sustainable, thoughtfully and beautifully designed and, perhaps most critical of all, comfortable within even the tightest budget then Lesro is the answer. Lesro’s products are perfect for institutional settings such as schools, universities and hospitals.

So give us a call and we will introduce you to Lesro’s complete line of quality, affordable products.  If you need help designing your office we provide complete layout and design services and the widest range of office furniture products in the DC metro area.  We’ve been around for over 65 years and would love to help you make your new office both beautiful and affordable. We’re here to help.

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