Making the Most of Your – and Other People’s – Time

Time management has been the subject of countless discussions, books, seminars, and programs for years. Whether the objective is increased productivity or decreased stress, there seems to be an endless stream of advice on prioritizing and completing tasks, delegating, list making, and focusing techniques.

Yet, the ample supply of available information reveals the steady demand for answers to the continuing challenge of learning how to manage time. A simple search on Amazon for “time management” produces over 50,000 results. A search for “planners” yields over 2,000 results. Clearly, we are still searching for answers.

Part of our inability to get a handle on managing our time is due to interruptions. A recent survey found that 15 percent of respondents reported more than 20 interruptions per day. Is it possible to arrange your schedule to reduce interruptions while maintaining necessary availability to your colleagues?

Author Jory Mackay suggests that by scheduling time to manage interruptions before they arrive, you can better manage you time, energy, and focus. He will walk you through identifying “making” versus “managing” activities and guide you in crafting a daily schedule that is a natural extension of your productivity style. Read his article: CLICK HERE

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