McLean Asset Management Expands its Offices

It was our pleasure to complete a design and installation project at McLean Asset Management Corporation’s headquarters in Tysons, Virginia. McLean was founded in 1984 and offers retirement planning, including wealth management and investment advice, to individuals and employer retirement plans. They are registered investment advisers who take seriously their Fiduciary Standard of Care duties. McLean designed and developed an innovative software product called inStream SolutionsSM  to help their clients integrate goal-based financial planning portfolio distribution management, client alerts, and workflows.

For the desks, credenzas, and bookcases in the private offices we used Office Source’s OS Laminate Collection. This is a contemporary line of furniture available in eight different finishes and multiple components, which gives us great flexibility in design. We can accommodate just about any shape or size workspace by using this product.

Global Furniture Group’s Zira Conference Tables and Reception Stations were our choice for the collaborative spaces and reception areas. Zira products are designed to fit the way you work. Their almost unlimited collection of sizes, shapes, and finishes allows us to achieve a customized look that is as attractive as it is functional.

We incorporated Maxon’s Prefix Series for the workstations. This contemporary line of “systems” furniture offers numerous finish options to create a sophisticated look, while keeping costs under control. Various panel heights can be used to maintain privacy or to encourage collaboration depending on the specific application.

And finally, for seating we used Sit-On-It’s Novo Series Seating. This award-winning product has been recognized for its designer-friendly features and superior ergonomics. With comfort-first design that’s also customizable down to the last detail, personalizing is easy—whether you need something professional for the boardroom or vibrant for a modern, collaborative space.

We made optimum use of several of our best manufacturers to create a beautiful and practical interior space for McLean. The results speak for themselves in the accompanying photographs. We’d love to put our expertise to work for you, too!

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