New Blue Interactive (NBI) is a powerhouse full-service digital firm that specializes in helping political candidates and non-profit organizations bring their digital programs to the next level of sophistication. Founded by Taryn Rosenkranz, a leading digital pioneer who has created successful digital programs that have persuaded millions of American voters, NBI’s leadership has a proven track record in counseling literally hundreds of candidates, non-profits, and companies on successful online strategies, grassroots fundraising and online advocacy. Their political work has spanned 46 state and across the globe.

We have worked with New Blue before and for this office expansion we continued the same open plan design that has been successful for them in the past. Because sit-stand desks are important to New Blue employees, that’s what we used this time as well. These desks are an effective way to avoid the long-term effects of too much sitting. Using Office Sources Standing Desks Collection we created an open space with some privacy by mounting acrylic screens to each of the desktops. Each desk also has a mobile file pedestal with a cushioned top that can function as a guest chair as needed. Finally, as a perfect finishing touch to this project, we provided nineteen blue task chairs that match New Blue’s logo color.

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