Personal Storage Lockers from the Global Furniture Group

Global Furniture Group’s personal storage lockers are a great addition to the workplace and there are many reasons to consider adding them to your workspace. First, lockers provide security for personal belongings. Second, they provide a safe zone between what’s coming into the workplace from the outside and the people who inhabit the office. Finally, with certainty of advancing wellness protocols, having fewer personal items at a workstation enables housekeeping staff to clean and sanitize more effectively.

These storage lockers are free from projecting hardware which makes them easy and quick to clean. Also, they are stylishly numbered and have individual keyed access. Their full overlay doors have soft close hinges and can be installed to open left or right. There are also a variety of interior configurations, like an accessory rod, top or bottom shelf, and hooks that can be installed on the left and right sides. And there are dozens of laminate finish options, ensuring that these lockers will add to the attractiveness of your office space. Because they come in multiple sizes, you are sure to find just the right arrangement, too.

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