Introducing Shape. As businesses begin to reopen over the next couple of months, they are struggling to understand how they will be able to operate safely with proper social distancing within their office space.  Andy Stern’s Office Furniture is working on three large new projects for a local shared-office company. Their typical space offers customers a choice between private offices and open offices.  Now they are changing the concept of the open office areas in their new offices from fixed tables placed closely together to mobile tables that can be reconfigured and moved continually to provide proper social distancing.

This company asked us if we had a product line that was mobile, height adjustable, foldable, and with power capabilities. Quite a tall order – because powering a standalone table in the middle of a room is next to impossible! After much research we came across this innovative product line called Shape that accomplishes precisely what they want.  It is height adjustable, folds, and can be powered either by plugging it into a wall or by a re-chargeable battery built right into the table. These workstations are easy to configure and reconfigure, require no installation, and collapse to 15% of the original size. Download a Shape brochure to learn more about this product.

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