Interior Design Trends To Watch in 2022 

Every new year, some trends live on while others fade into the past. As we kick off 2022, these are the trends that will be the ones to watch and implement to keep your office up to date as you remodel or design from a blank slate. The Andy Sterns team would love the chance to help you implement some or all these trends into your DMV area office!

Transformable Offices 

Transformable: capable of being changed, convertible.  

As office environments change, you need spaces that can adapt with the changes. Hybrid work has become commonplace, so each day could look different depending on how many employees are working from home vs in the office. Easily moveable furniture is key to ensure that everyone has a space to work as well as collaborate when needed. One key trend in transformable offices is touchdown spaces which provide flexible solutions that allow work to be done outside of formally assigned desks. 

Noise Cancellation

Office environments can become noisy quickly as many conversations are happening at once. While individual solutions such as wearing headphones seem like an inexpensive fix, consider incorporating design solutions as well. Acoustic partitions and rugs are great ways to lessen the noise in open office environments. In addition, acoustic paneling has come a long way in terms of trendy options for both ceilings and walls, and they can double as art! The Andy Sterns team is here to find the perfect noise cancellation options for your space and budget. 

Home-Like Office

For the past two years, many employees have had the opportunity to work from home. And with that opportunity has come the comforts of home. While each employee’s creature-comforts are different, you can bring some universal comforts into the office.  

Comfortable seating should be one of your top priorities in designing an office space. Ergonomic seating has many benefits such as helping employees avoid neck and back pain as well as boosting moods and productivity levels. 

Other home-like comforts to consider are plush carpeting (which also helps reduce noise), warm/natural lighting, plants, and outdoor seating options for the warmer days.  

Modern Technology

As more companies have roles that are hybrid and remote, offices need to have modern technology in place to keep up. From video conferencing to remote printing to shared drives that can be accessed remotely, offices need technology that can keep employees efficient no matter where they are located. In addition, technology such as touchless dispensers, motion sensor lights, and automatic doors can help keep germs at bay.   

Green Office

Did you know that greenery increases workplace satisfaction in employees? A recent study also concluded that greenery heightens self-reported concentration levels and improves perceived air quality. Decorating with plants is a win! 

 Another aspect of a green office is sustainability. Both sustainable design and sustainable materials are huge office design trends for 2022. While having recycling bins throughout the office is one of the most thought of ideas when it comes to sustainability, there are many ways that businesses can easily lessen their environmental impact. Re-using or re-purposing furniture can be one route to go as you redesign your space. The Andy Sterns team can help you design your space incorporating pieces you already have with the new furniture. Another sustainable practice is to utilize LED lighting and take advantage of natural light in the office.  

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