OM5. Hip. Smart. Chic. At a price you can afford. Who says you can’t have it all?

The OM5 SeriesTM offers simplicity with a purpose. A self-regulating chair, OM5 intuitively responds to a wide range of body weights and sizes without the need for manual adjustments. Whether to complement the décor of an executive suite or a team workspace, the OM5 SeriesTM fits any environment and any purpose.

The result of a two-year collaboration between talented designer Francisco Romero of Phidesign and the engineering team at Office Master, OM5 features patent-pending “body-activated motion” that automatically adjusts to the user. Expertly designed and manufactured, OM5 is intuitive, user-adaptive, and uniquely suited for today’s flexible working environments.

Advanced ergonomics, finely tailored styling, and attention to comfort – all Office Master hallmarks, and all found in the truly innovative, yet attractively priced OM5 SeriesTM.

Leads by example– OM5 is the embodiment of practical design – its patent pending body-activated motion means the chair learns from and adapts to you – eliminating the need for complicated multiple knobs and levers. Combining modern curves with clean lines, the OM5 conveys an air of understated sophistication – while its specifically calibrated geometry does the work of balancing your body’s motion in any position. Simplicity, with a purpose.

Dares to be simple– Embedded with a bubble cell support structure, the seat cushion works in tandem with an attenuated suspension membrane to create a long-lasting, comfortable sit – ideal for long meetings and team collaborations.

Features – Sitting is a dynamic activity, best addressed by a chair that recognizes a person’s natural tendency to readjust throughout the day. OM5’s intelligent design addresses the multitude of positions and postures people assume while sitting. The patent-pending user driven technology uses a unique geometry that links the seat and back movement around an ergonomically positioned hip pivot point, resulting in a highly comfortable chair – whatever your position.

  • Variable Back Resistance Depending on the user’s body position, rollers in the seat and back respond with more or less resistance to recline, promoting healthy motion and lower back support.
  • PolyFlex Back Tailored slat lengths, spacing, and attenuation in the back membranes work in concert to provide firm or soft support, where and as needed.
  • Body-Activated Motion The calibrated geometry that balances your body’s motion with the chair’s recline and allows for infinite dwell along the travel path.
  • Swing Arm Provides the chair’s unique aesthetic flair while serving the critical purpose of bringing the seat and back into synchronized harmony.
  • Front Edge Waterfall Flex Created with a variable flex technology that adjusts to each user’s thigh length and range of motion needs, the waterfall edge adjusts seat depth

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