LinkedIn is an online social network designed specifically for professional networking; discovering sales leads, connecting with potential business partners and so on… but are you using it correctly?  According to a recent article The One Sentence Your LinkedIn Profile Must Have by John Nemo there is “a marketing truth that should never be forgotten: A confused prospect never buys.

“In sales and marketing, clarity is king.

This is especially true in the 21st century, when our ultra-connected, always on, stream-of-consciousness lives as we scroll through one social media profile and update after another gives marketers precious few seconds to grab our attention.

LinkedIn is no different.

If you’ve been walking through John’s Free Video Training Series, “How To Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile,” you know that he’s been preaching clarity from the very first moment someone comes across your profile on LinkedIn.

Is Your LinkedIn Summary Scaring Prospects Away?

Today, John wants to focus on the first sentence of your LinkedIn Summary.

The way LinkedIn lays out a profile page, your Summary area is the first text area visitors come across after seeing your headshot and professional title.

Needless to say, the first sentence of your LinkedIn Summary is critical.

John asks: What do you have in there right now? Don’t lie! Are you talking about yourself in the third person, like a professional athlete? Are you telling us where you work and what your job title or duties are?

If you are, it’s okay.

Blame it on LinkedIn!

You’re far from alone. In fact, LinkedIn has trained us to think that way — to treat our profile page like a virtual…” READ MORE

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