We recently had the opportunity to provide PCM Services with office furniture and design services for their new offices in Beltsville, MD. PCM is a company that provides commercial asphalt, building caulking, and construction services to property managers and their teams in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC.

At PCM Services, their in-house team provides a wide range of commercial renovation, repair & maintenance, and commercial construction services, providing both short- and long-term solutions for your property’s needs. Whether to make an urgent repair or take on a capital project, PCM will respond.

For more than 20 years, They’ve earned a reputation for helping property managers with their commercial renovation, repair, and maintenance needs both large and small — with professional, high quality work and seamless, 24/7/365 responsiveness to emergency situations. And, because 95% of their work is done by their full-time staff using their own equipment, you always get consistent, high-quality results. The bottom line: PCM makes your life easier, while enhancing your tenants’ experience.

Our Razor cubicle system offers a clean, modern look at a very affordable price.

When you need a commercial construction services firm that not only understands your challenges, but also solves them quickly and efficiently PCM Services is your best choice.

From their inception, PCM Services was built to serve property managers’ needs. For example, they understand the challenges you face in managing multiple projects, schedules and budgets, so they provide a comprehensive range of services — meaning you only have to make one call, regardless of your needs. Additionally, their flexibility is unmatched, as they provide the scale to respond quickly to your emergency needs, your capital projects, and everything in between.In addition to providing detailed estimates, supported by real-time detailed visuals, They give their clients insights into the root causes of their problems and recommend specific solutions. For even greater peace of mind, their full-time, professional staff conducts the vast majority of the work themselves (using our own tools and equipment), so you can always rely on a consistent experience and high-quality craftsmanship.
For this project we used the OPS Razor System (cubicles), OPS Tables, The OPS B8 Task Chair and OFS Laminate Collection in the brand new – and hugely popular – Coastal Gray Finish.

Project Team (L-R): Andy Stern; Nancy McVicker, PCM Director Internal Systems; Perry Paganelli PCM Vice President of Operations & Ed Dinota GM Andy Stern’s

As you can see from the project photos this combination of products produced a modern, contemporary look at a great price. If you’re getting ready to move your offices and need help with layout & design and the furnishings to go with it please give us a call.  We’ve been helping Washington area businesses grow and prosper since 1948

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