We all know that sitting for prolonged periods of time can have adverse effects on your health. Sitting can restrict blood flow, encourage poor posture, and cause joint pain. Many people seek comfort by using pillows and cushions, adding accessories to their office chair, when all they really need to do is stand up.

Standing increases blood flow, which more efficiently transports oxygen throughout your body and provides sustainable energy. This leads to improved physical health and an elevated mood. Spending more time standing than sitting helps boost your metabolism and can be easier on your joints and back. Standing to work has also been shown to help with weight loss as standing burns more calories than sitting does, and weight loss contributes to heart health. The benefits speak for themselves.

Stay comfortable, healthy, and productive with a sit-stand workstation. With a sit-stand desk adapter, you’ll be able to keep your body moving and avoid the negative effects of prolonged sitting. Sit-stand desk adapters allow new users to experience comfort without replacing their old desk, which has the double benefit of allowing the user to sit to work when desired, and the economic benefit of extending the life of your current office furniture.

The Volante Sit-Stand Workstation

Source: Systematix

Introducing the Volante Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation. This sturdy desk adapter converts your old desk into a state-of-the-art workstation. All you need to do is place the Volante Workstation on top of your workspace, and you are instantly ready to experience the comfort of total height control. Control creates comfort, comfort creates productivity, and productivity builds businesses.

Let’s Get Specific

Source: Systematix

The Volante Sit-Stand Workstation ships fully assembled, so you’ll be exercising full control over your workspace at once. The compact footprint of the Volante ensures that it fits any standard sized desk with a depth of 24”. The Volante is equipped with a whisper quiet gas assisted height adjustment, for a smooth experience while you settle at your workstation.

Reach heights of up to 20” above your desk. This wide span of adjustment provides comfort and utility for users of any size. Unlike more common sit-stand desks, the Volante provides two work surfaces, one for your monitor and one for your keyboard and mouse. This provides users with improved ergonomic comfort.

The spacious primary surface is designed to accommodate your preferred equipment. Whether that’s multiple screens, a laptop and monitor, a Mac or PC, the Volante can support up to 35 pounds of technology.

In addition to complete height control, the Volante Sit-Stand desk gives you 20 degrees of adjustment for your keyboard, allowing you to find an ergonomic fit whether sitting or standing. The Volante is dedicated to your physical comfort and well-being.

Stay Organized

Source: Systematix

With its dual work surfaces the Volante Sit-Stand Workstation provides the user with plenty of opportunities for organization. Here are some strategies for keeping your recently expanded workspace organized and ready for anything.

Claim Your Territory

Man standing at his sit-stand desk working at computer

Establish designated spots for items in your workspace. When mugs, pens, and paperclips have a specific place, they are never in the way, and we can always put them back where they belong. Maybe you want all your note taking tools on the right side of your desk, so that there’s plenty of room for your coffee or tea on the left-hand side. Not only will this keep your desk tidy and prepared, but it will also prevent spills!

Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize

A nice inbox, a desk organizer, or an extra shelf is always a welcome addition to the sit-stand workspace. Store supplies you only use occasionally in these spaces, so that they are out of the way but easy to find. If you still have space, consider a nice potted plant or a family photo to give your workplace that personal touch.

Store Like with Like

When setting up your desk, try to organize items into useful groups so that similar items, or items that require each other to be useful, are always together. A stapler is worthless without staples, and keeping pens and notepads together means you’re never looking for one once you’ve found the other.

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