Did you know?

  1. Over 80% of the American workforce works in a sedentary job. Health authorities recommend changing posture from a sitting to standing position throughout the day to avoid the harmful long-term effects of sitting too long
  2. Almost half of today’s offices have hybrid employees. Adjustable height furniture allows everyone to ensure the space they are using is ergonomic. Perfect for touchdown spaces!

Sit-to-stand height adjustable furniture is a great investment for offices with employees sitting all day as well as offices with multiple people sharing space. Andy Stern’s offers a huge selection of the best height adjustable tables & desks that are easy and quick to operate and offer the optimal vertical range to accommodate people of all sizes.

Customize Your Sit-to-Stand Table or Desk

Office Source Sit-to-Stand options allow you to choose both your base and your top style, so you get exactly what works for you. Check out some options below to start getting ideas or let our furniture specialists bring you options that provide the best solutions for your organization.

Multiple Options: Fully Adjustable or Desktop Workstation

From a fully adjustable desk that is electric or a crank to a desktop workstation that sits on top of your current desk, you have multiple sit-to-stand options. Check out these videos to see height adjustable options in action:

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