Antimicrobial fabrics in office furniture are used to prevent bacteria, microorganisms, and other harmful molecules from attaching themselves to the surface of the product. These products are made from a number of materials, but usually some sort of polyester-vinyl composite or acrylic. While this is most often used in healthcare environments, this type of furniture is starting to gain popularity among general office environments. Use it today for your conference, government office, reception area, or anywhere you need furniture!

With people being more conscientious about hygiene and cleanliness, you want to make sure you’re doing your part to create safe and healthy work environments.

Products We Provide

• Multi-Person Workstations
• Executive Offices
• Breakrooms Stations
• Reception Sofas, Loveseats & Chairs
• Benches
• Height-Adjustable Stools & Chairs

Andy Stern’s is proud to offer a wide range of antimicrobial products and furniture. We have everything you need to keep your spaces sanitized and healthy. And it isn’t just your run-of-the-mill desk and chair package, either. We can outfit any space with top-of-the-line Antimicrobial Workplace Furniture.

What’s Right for You?

Perhaps you’re looking for something more modular; you need pieces that can serve dual purposes. Or do you prefer a clean and contemporary line in sleek designs? Do you need reception area seating? What about stackable chairs that can be used for meetings, conferences, and other larger events?

Having the right products at your fingertips will help ensure everyone feels comfortable and safe in your space. Andy Stern’s has what you need.

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